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Most people get their seafood at a grocery store, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s easy and convenient, but it’s hard on the wallet. Not only is it hard on the wallet but you don’t know where that fish came from. You don’t know if it was sustainably harvested, and you have no idea how long that fillet has been laying in that glass box full of other mysterious fillets and crustaceans. When you use our service and connect directly with a fisherman, he can answer every question you have. He can tell where that fish was caught, what crew member caught it, how long it has been sitting in his ice cold slush, what sustainable fishing method was used to harvest that fish, and he can probably tell you the story of how hard that particular fish was to catch. You can happily walk away knowing you just purchased a sustainably harvested, fresh, local seafood product from a new friend.  Plus no middleman touched the fish and had it trucked from place to place so you also saved a bit of cash.

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Out of the Ocean, Right Into Your Hands


Buying local, in our opinion, is very important, because you are helping an industry reduce its environmental impact. “How?” you ask. Well, by buying directly from a fisherman you are already cutting down on a lot of pollution. we will explain; If you choose to buy seafood from a grocery store, that seafood just didn’t magically appear there. That fish was harvested by the fisherman, picked up by a fishmonger (who drove from his office to receive this fish), then shipped to middle man who processed the fish, shipped to a distribution center, then finally shipped to a grocery store where you buy an inferior product for a marked up price. That doesn’t sound appetizing does it? Well, buying directly from a fisherman cuts out all these steps. It just comes straight out of the ocean directly to you. Simple and clean. You make a valuable connection with the Captain and Crew who harvested your product, you know your product was sustainably harvested, you cut down on pollution and mark up costs, and you just might walk away with a few fishing tales to share with family and friends.

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