Finally Launching

After months of tedious reviews and research we decided on how we will build our business. What we have to offer at the moment is a simple email list. With your help we can evolve into something more, something bigger and better. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to help you obtain fresh local fish, and we can’t grow unless you help us spread the word.

Fishermen’s Pictures

Fishermen work out on the ocean whenever the weather permits. Since they spend so much time out on the ocean they get to see some amazing things that us land Lubbers don’t usually get to witness. We want to showcase some of the fishermen who are lucky enough to capture these magical moments on camera.

The Moriah Lee’s fishing video

This is a pretty cool video done by the Moriah Lee crew. This video was made by Lisa Damrosh with film clips from Travis Gianocca. Geoff Bettencourt, Captain of the Moriah Lee, is a prime example of the new breed of fisherman coming out today. This video really shows how sustainable and clean California trap caught Sable fishing is.

Old Paintings

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